About HealthRevolve™

HealthRevolve™ is a centralized e-health records platform built to assist the Nigerian Health Sector. In response to one of the major needs of the Nigerian Health Sector, O Soft Integrated Resources Limited being a local ICT Firm with core understanding of the Nigerian environment built the HealthRevolve™.

HealthRevolve™ is a seamless system that keeps track of all patient’s medical records on a central platform with regards to payment for health services and management reporting.

Patient Registration

  • Register New Patient
  • Authomatic Numbering
  • Other Services (NHIS)

Patient Transaction History

  • Service Departments
  • Patient Health Records
  • Patient Hospital History

Patient Payment History

  • Payment for Services
  • Patient Pending Payment
  • Patient Discounts

Management Reporting

  • Accounts Report
  • Auditing Reports
  • Stock Reports